Butterfly Healing




Butterflies make no secret of the energy they carry being one of change and transformation. Radical rebirth like this, from one state of being into a completely new more evolved creation, is very miraculous stuff!

In the best case scenario of a life well lived, we humans will hopefully experience much the same transformation. Why else bother to incarnate if not to become a better and better version of yourself over the course of each life time? And if this is true, we are likely evolving as both a soul, and collectively as a species. For me, this is the Meaning of Life, Monty Python not withstanding.

And in this life, I have noticed (and so of course I am cleaning on it) that radical change can come with radical pain in many flavors- over whelm, fear, unimaginable stretching, loss, grief, anger, and suspensions of disbelief requiring down right leaps of faith.

God Bless Butterflies for choosing a life purpose of easing our experience of change and transformation! They set an amazing example of taking the challenge and being rewarded.

Its no picnic fighting your way out of the bondage of a cocoon, or surviving and thriving in modern society.

The secret of successful cocoon escapers seems powerful for all species during times of great circumstance transformation.

Firstly, they must breathe. If they don’t inhale for all they’re worth they won’t get out and they will die. They have to inhale like there’s no tomorrow, expanding themselves until they burst out of the confines of their cocoon!

They exhale in freedom! When we are cleaning and transmuting negative energy to positive one of the most important steps of the process is the 3 deep breaths we take after we’ve went the negative energy to the light and the new positive energy is filling our light body in our mind’s eye! Breathing allows the energy to change you on a physical level forever.

With every belief, memory, resistance and negative thought you clear you lighten your vibration so you can soar to higher and higher vibrations! Your perception of the world is changed forever for the better! Just thinking and writing about it gets me all excited!

Va va va voom! We conscious cleaners of energy have transformed from unconscious, hungry little caterpillars munching mindlessly from leaf to leaf to Butterflies who can fly to new and higher perspectives, cover unimaginable distances, sip nectar flower to flower and energize in the sunlight!

Butterfly Energy, good for what ails you in the here and now of your eternal evolution.  Dark Ages do not blossom into a Renaissance without change. I’m sure the people of every age have felt that their present time was the most intense time ever, but seriously these are intense times we are in!  Allowing the energies of transition and change to pass through you rather than getting stuck in your energy field smoothes out your journey body, mind an spirit.

If like me you have been told by well meaning, spiritually minded, friends and family over, and over, again “how lucky we are to have been chosen to incarnate at one of the most momentous points in human evolution;” but actually find yourself wondering more often than not how all this challenging, overwhelming, painful, 3-D reality crap could ever have seemed like a golden opportunity...

Then its time to clean on it and fill your spirit with energy of Butterflies whose reminder to us that ultimately it’s all going to be okay if we allow change, is positively priceless.




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