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I painted this a few years ago now and I maintain that it is best LARGE! In reality, this original watercolor painting is 9 by 12 in its cheerful bright yellow mat.

Paintings ship more safely when matted. They however do NOT photograph well in this house. Wall of windows interference perhaps?  In real life that mat is nearly French’s Mustard yellow. It is also removable, so you can mat and frame as you so desire.

This painting is perfect for the Feng Shui Love area of your house or business which can be found in the farthest right hand corner of your home as you stand in your doorway looking in.


Mister Magpie is a powerful totem animal. He represents many things but my favorite attributes are, One, that the male builds a lovely nest and collects shiny things to fill it with to attract a female. I think this is sweet how hard he tries for love, and that he is responsible and chooses to take care of the nesting. Its fun to look for love in all things even Magpies.

For me, his hunt for pretty shiny things also represents a perception choice. Magpies remind me to look for evidence of love, beauty, brilliance and joyfulness in all forms in my day.

Shamans say, that because Magpies are strong willed, very intelligent birds they are able to make an opportunity out of what they have collected and this shows ingenuity. This is a strong message from the Magpie, how can you use what you have already better? Skills, hobbies, gifts, wisdom?

Two, Magpies make their nests in the crooks of trees. Crooks of trees have long been thought to be passageways between worlds. Magpies in your life can be a heads up to look for how the spiritual realm is showing up in your life, it is likely to be unusual. 

And Three, stories say that Magpies were the only birds who refused to get IN Noah’s Ark, they chose to ride on the roof and face the storm head on! I love that tough spirit!