Healing painting


Are you in complete alignment, harmony and allowing of  ABUNDANCE energy?

Do you believe in ABUNDANCE? Have you tested your field/subconscious for if you have the true definition and perspective of ABUNDANCE from Source and yours is the same?

If you are out of alignment with the energy of ABUNDANCE it is difficult to be in its flow, aside from unpredictable fits and bursts.

This painting, and red Pears at large, assist us in clearing our energy around allowing our needs to be met and more- food, love, shelter, well being, connection, car, opportunity, things for daily life etc.

There are many avenues and angles to explore, and clear  align yourself with regarding any dynamic or virtue.

Take a moment and check your subconscious however you access that part of you. In all the levels of your energy field are you ready, willing and able to be ABUNDANT? Capable and free?

Do you truly deeply believe in the unlimitedness of possible ABUNDANCE? Do you truly resonate with your personal endless ABUNDANCE coming from the heart of your God into every major and minor area of your life?

Do you believe in your worthiness and deserving to receive an ABUNDANCE of your wants, needs and desires?

Do you resonate with the appreciative optimism of Abraham Hicks “I love all that I have! Yes to this and more?”

Red Pears like all other souls are born with a divine purpose and theirs is to assist us in clearing out all that which is not true ABUNDANCE. Their energy can help us grow into seeing ABUNDANCE all around us, through the lenses of ABUNDANCE glasses.

This energy nurtures ABUNDANCE optimism, flow and balanced giving and receiving. Pears can give you the clarity to see what you have already that you may have stopped seeing and the optimism to believe more is always eternally on its way to you.

Did you feel any resistance surface when you read the questions above? Make a list of your “yeah buts,” emotions, frustrations, trauma around Abundance to clean on with ABUNDANCE Pear Energy. You can even clip your list of notes to the Pear painting itself. This way as a cleaning too it can work on your clearing for you while you clear on yourself. This doubles the territory you can cover!

For a long while this cleaning image was only available to my Clearing Card receivers, but now it is available in all the favorite shapes and sizes! Customers get REALLY creative with their uses of the 2x3 Prayer Cards and 4x6’s! They work great spread around your life as reminders to remember you focus on unearthing all of your nonABUNDANCE energy.

This is the goal to become a “a still pond” as Dr. Len says. His goal on clearing is always to clear until his energy toward any given subject is a still pond.  That you test yes for Abundance on all levels!

So thank you Pear plant spirit for helping us to clear the less than ABUNDANT opinions news casters perpetuate daily; and those family and friends who choose to believe and repeat foul news through FB etc.

It can help you reconnect with the many, many ways ABUNDANCE magically manifests around us every minute; our safe passage from here to there in our cars, our healthy family, functioning utilities, lack of plague, refrigeration!

Pear energy can help you make your ABUNDANCE a conscious, visible part of your life. So you can really see the ABUNDANCE all around you at that super-sized grocery store you shop in, feel the preciousness of the cool air conditioning in your home and car, appreciate the roads that lead you from here to there guerrilla warfare free, the clean water you have plenty of and of course God Bless toilet paper!

Pear Energy is perfect for cleaning on the restrictions you have placed on yourself surrounding your ABUNDANCE of love, safety, freedom, spirituality, expression, prosperity, health and opportunity. If you have any of the old energy pattern “I will only be happy when…“ then it is time for some ABUNDANT Pear energy.

In my healing practice I have amassed a list of over 100 core beliefs that block my clients from allowing their ABUNDANCE. A hundred beliefs and counting! As Dr. Len says “we don’t know what we don’t know about what we are clearing and how big, old and tangled it is, so just keep cleaning.”

Even just 100 things is a lot to have rattling around in your subconscious, and we know our subconscious is what creates our reality. Thank God for clearing work! We can get ourselves so tangled up in emotional knots as we live this life on earth. We can become a walking anthology of stories we tell ourselves full of ridiculous reasons to explain to ourselves why what is is and how it’s gonna be. Pear energy can help you eliminate your inner official rulebook for when and how you will allow yourself an ABUNDANCE of joyful things.

Really it’s a circular sort of thing. In this life our only job is to love, our selves and others ABUNDANTLY and to receive ABUNDANT love from God and others. Where there is an ABUNDANCE of joy and love there is God. Where there is blissful joy, miracles can flow to you!

Cleaning on the concept of ABUNDANCE inside of yourself creates the opportunity for limitless love, financial prosperity, energy, joy, health, freedom, friendship, sex, travel, inspiration, attention, miracles, creativity… and moolah for you and everyone the world over!

If you would like to see what Pear energy can help you clean in regards to seeing how ABUNDANT you already are and visioning what new ABUNDANCE is already on its way to you click to return to the ordering page.

Thank you for reading and much Love and Light,



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