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Under the SHOP tab, you will find the original watercolor paintings that I have for sale, as well as Giclees and Prints of all my Paintings, New and Old.

I have A LOT of new things!

Jewelry is back! It has been many years since I have had necklaces for sale. The woman who used to make necklaces and bracelets for me had her fifth baby and retired! Originally, the charms were resin covered and sadly eventually turned yellow. Now, there are Window Lockets that come with all twelve Healing Paintings! So, you can wear a different Healing Painting every day of the week if you are so inspired!

There are also Weekly Clearing Cards, Greeting Cards, Prayer Cards, Journals, Calendars, gorgeous Mugs and much much more.

There is a tab for my BLOG The Spiritual Magpie where I collect pretty shiny bits of woo wisdom on things like ...Forgiveness, Love, Salad, Healing Viruses, Totem Animals and my random life/art updates.

Please feel free to email me for art in larger sizes than I have listed here or for special requests, such as, wedding invitations, personalized church prayer cards; or fun things like that. Please email a description of what you have in mind.

If you would like to carry my art in you store, please email me your store name and contact information for whole sale pricing.

If you would like to radically move your energy on an issue, please click the APPOINTMENT tab to read more about my energy clearings, to purchase and or schedule appointments.  My particular gift has proven to be with all things Love related, but I have helped people move beyond the full spectrum of long term emotional plagues- childhood abuse, grief/loss, self esteem, success...   to create exceptionally different lives!