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For Clearing Mother Energy


I apologize for the temporary ridiculously bad photo of the new Mother Chamomile painting. It has gone off to my printer’s studio to be scanned and this is the picture I took with my wee phone. As soon as I get the scan I will put it up here.

This watercolor painting is 15 inches by 13.5 inches. It just happened that way. I’m very sorry to all my collectors who really were hoping all the paintings would be the same size lined up down their walls : )

In real life, its really pretty as you will see when the scan is loaded in here. The border has real gold rosettes between the leaves!

This painting honors Mothers, for the living breathing miracles that we are. Your own mother gave you the gift of your very life.  We do not often think about the utter miraculousness of this!

In some process humanity doesn’t even begin to understand, your soul chose your mother’s womb and somehow the spark of your life took up residence there!

I don’t mean The Birds And The Bees piece of the process. I think we’re all reasonably clear on that. I mean the magical implantation of your soul’s energy into a fetus, inside a chosen mama. Chamomile is here to help you clear your mother/mothering energy until it is clear, loving and light. It is your birthright to. 

There are SO many mothers out there in deep mother agony.

Chamomile is the plant whose divine life purpose is to clear our Mother energy back to perfection! It’s flowers very gently calm, soothe and relieve just about what ever ails you, how very motherly. How can it heal so many kinds of ills? Because Chamomile is calming to our nervous system and our feelings are what create our physical experience.

For thousands of years people have felt the times they were living in were particularly challenging. So its no wonder Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs recorded for stress, stomach upset, pain relief, sleeplessness, anxiety. What is in your family’s history?

One of my great grandmothers way up the family tree had her head chopped off for not producing a son, another died very young from a fatal illness leaving 14 children behind. One of my grandfather’s entire family was killed in an indian massacre when he was 6 or 7. He happened to be out picking berries for his mom to bake a pie.

Whether you or your past grandmothers have lost their children due to wolves, kidnappers, pirates or pox. Or children lost their mothers to disease, bad guys, ignorant governments, or immigration across the ocean gone bad- there is plenty of past mother pain energy to clean up for everyone.

There may be no greater miracle than motherhood, but there is also no greater source of pain, everything else is petty. The well runs deep...clean, clean, clean...

But back to the miraculous part! Who else can call forth the energy of the heavens to create life inside of themselves but Mothers! Yes, I realize it takes two; and they do say that humans get the attention of the entire company of heaven when we uh...generate enormous amounts of positive energy, meaning the Birds and the Bees part of the process.

So even if you feel clear as clear can be in the mother energy department and have no plans for having children, you still contain sexual energy. Sexual energy is the strongest form of life energy and its very nature is creative. When a man’s raw energy combines with a woman’s passion driven magnetic energy an energetic mass is created every time a frenzy is whipped up, whether it is a physical baby, or a cosmic baby, that is created.

What do you mean a cosmic baby?! By harnessing the raw energy of human desire through your thoughts and intentions you can direct your creative energy to fuel the birthing of any creation- new project, new love, new phase of your life… Either you consciously plant your energetic "seeds" with your thoughts and intentions into the fertile "womb" of the cosmic matrix, or its unconscious flung about willy nilly.

Energetically we are all the mothers of invention. This Chamomile painting cleans so that your heart and mind can be open to the creative spirit of mother energy!

A light, loving, joyful creative spirit!

Point being, everyone is connected to mother energy, whether your mother lived beyond your birth or not, whether you wonder if she was an angel on Earth, or she annoys the crap out of you daily; whether you were adopted, fostered, raised by wolves, or brewed in a test tube; everyone originally came from a mother’s egg. 

And if you do happen to have been adopted, fostered, or raised by wolves, then you have multiple mothers to clean on. Clean, clean, clean...

Pan out a little and even if you had the Dr. Spock recommended perfect childhood, you are also the most recent living breathing representative of your family’s entire long, long, long line of mothers all the way back to your Tyranosaurus Rex mother, to your primordial soup mother, all the mothers you have ever had, or been, in any time, or place, known and unknown.

When my son Sam was little he used to hold my face when he really wanted me to pay attention to his words. He would tell me “because I’m your mumma and I love you. “ His having been my intense Italian mother in a past lifetime hadn’t worn off for him yet. In his little toddler heart he was still my mumma. He is grown now and still seems to have a different sense of responsibility for my well being than his brothers do.

A mother’s heart is infinite and not subject to the laws of space, time or perceived reality.

If you STILL think you have no mother Energy to clean on, I offer you three more quick angles to ponder, muscle test and probably clean on.

One, for thousands of years, globally, huMANity has racked up unfathomable amounts of bad karma toward mothers, women and children. You can say this barbaric act, or the other, is “religion,” or a “cultural custom,” but if harm is done the proof is in the quality of the energy it affected.

No need to beleaguer this point just clean clean clean.

Two, we live on Mother Earth and we are all her children, not metaphorically. As Carl Sagan used to say, “ we are made of the stuff of stars.” The very divine energy that powers our souls eternally,  temporarily filling our current body with a spark of life, comes from the fertile womb of the cosmos, literally.

Being a mother is a sacred mind, body, spirit, multifaceted event. The heart of a mother’s creative spirit is sublime love.

And three, its time to co create our new vision of a powerful, healthy, balanced, matriarch. We deserve to have this healthy balance, positive mother relationships and clear mother energy, past present and future. So brew a cup of Chamomile tea, grab a copy of this Chamomile painting big or small and clean with me for clear mother energy.

Much Love and Light Always, “because I love you with my great big heart!” ( As my mumma likes to say)

xo Aimee

Mama Prayer

Blessed be your mother’s womb, your gateway to life and creation!

Blessed be your mother’s heart, the source of infinite love.

Blessed be your mother who nurtured you until you were grown.

Blessed be your mother’s lips that  spoke lovingly to you and taught you love itself.

Blessed be your mama, thank her for your life!

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